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We believe in the value of comprehensive financial planning. Financial planning is what many of the most important and successful people use to help create an extraordinary business career and personal life. We expect to build a trusted advisory relationship with you over your lifetime. Financial planning works best with people who are willing to learn, grow, and take action when there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

What services do the professionals at Investment Consultants & Management Company provide you?

Comprehensive financial planning integrates seven key areas of your financial life.

  1. Asset Management-Your total investment picture
  2. Disability and Risk Management-Protecting you from catastrophe
  3. Tax Planning and Management-Improving your wealth building efficiency
  4. Debt Management-Reducing unnecessary expenses
  5. Estate Planning-Helping you transfer your lifetime assets to your heirs and/or to worthy causes
  6. Charitable or Social Capital-Planning to help you give back to the community
  7. An evaluation of the goals and objectives that provide all context for the financial plan as a whole

All of the areas are important to help you achieve personal success. Successful people need and value all aspects of financial planning.

Our planning services include mathematical analysis and forecasting, professional evaluation and advice, specific recommendations, support, a structure for making decisions, and accountability – all so that we can enable clients to make effective and optimum financial decisions. When it is not possible for our team to handle your problems alone, we will call in outside professionals and monitor that relationship to help ensure that the work done on your behalf is of the highest standards.

It is not our view that “life is too short”, but rather that “life is too long not to be doing the things that are fun and rewarding”, and that the majority of people in our society don’t spend enough time examining these issues. We believe that money is the means not the goal. While money can assure the achievement of these goals, often there are other ways to achieve these goals, which may have little to do with personal finance, and which are instead related to astute lifestyle choices.

At our firm we do not believe in the concept of “hot stocks" or in seeking short-term returns from any investment. Nor, do we believe in attempting to “time the market”, which usually means moving out of the market when a manager thinks they are going to go down and/or moving money back in when a manager thinks the markets are going to move up. We also, believe that if your time horizon is greater than five years you should accept some of the volatility risks of the stock market. For those financial needs that are fewer than five years in the future, we believe you should invest in ways that do not accept this risk. We believe a portfolio composed of several asset classes will experience fewer price movements and volatility than a more concentrated portfolio, even though the more diversified portfolio will inevitably include some losing positions at any given time.

Finally, we believe in the value of the synergy - team approach to financial planning. Effective communication and exchange of data and ideas between all related advisors is essential to creating a financial plan for you.